“Somebody once said there is no bad clay, there are are only bad potters. But I counter that by saying, ‘No there is bad clay, but a bad potter doesn’t know the difference between good and bad clay”. -SG

This Episode features Susan Gold who is part of QuestHands history being the first direct blood relation to a previous show’s guest. Marimba Gold-Watts from Episode 36 is Susan’s daughter. Just like where Marimba lives in NYC, Susan is from the east coast but has been in San Francisco for 44 years now. She worked for The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) as a Teacher for 25 years, sneaking Art into English and History whenever she could.

“I started out as an art teacher, but soon found out that I could do more art if I wasn't directly teaching arts. So I taught english and history and incorporated a tremendous amount of arts into my curriculum. And also I found that the art of teaching is an art form. It’s a genuine art form and you are an entertainer. You are on a stage with your students.” -SG

Located in Golden Gate Park lies The Sharon Arts Studio where Susan currently spends all her time as an Independent Ceramic Artist and studio teacher. She has been part of this building and community for 21 years. You could say she found home. Some people feel she does indeed live there for the amount of hours which she puts in. From all her years of sculpting with her hands she has no problem opening bottles and jars at home. Susan also shares some interesting general information about sculpting in regards to the ratio of male to female, countries and traditions. This episode was actually recorded in one of the classrooms that Susan teaches in, which made Robert happy for being in such a creative artistic space.

“It can’t be just San Francisco that changes, it has to be more wide spread because if there is a more widespread community here, we will get more and more people who come here to take advantage of that support (understandably) and then the whole burden of support will come onto us (San Fran) as oppose to other cities.” -SG

It was fun for Robert to observe how aspects of Susan reminded him of his friend Marimba. She also reminded Robert of his own mom. Both these woman truly grateful to travel the world and see different countries and cultures due to where their ambitious children were living through studies or employment at the time. A favourite place Susan got to see was Cape Town, South Africa, which she described as a similar city to San Francisco but on steroids in comparison to the characteristics.

“I wish that people can overcome their prejudice, their narrowness, their fears and reach out to one another in a beautiful natural peaceful way” -SG

Susan is a friendly, responsible, diverse teacher, mother and artist. It was humbling of her to reveal that her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness ‘Perseverance’. As sometimes we humans need to know when to stop trying and let go. Susan loves spreading enthusiasm and sharing in the pleasures of her students discoveries.

“When some obstacle comes up I don’t think, oh it’s all over, this is the end. You know, I think, I’ll get through that and then there will be another one around the corner to overcome.” -SG (reflecting on her Father’s phrase: ‘That’s life, one thing after another’)

To check out and purchase some of Susan’s art visit: http://www.susangoldceramics.com

You can follow her on Instagram too: https://www.instagram.com/susangoldceramics/

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is HEALTH. Make sure to exercise but don’t overdo it. Eat lots of greens, yes kale really is good for you. Be conscious with your body, check in with your body as often as you can. See where you are holding tension in your body and let it go.

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