“Just take a beat to think about what’s next”. -KB

This Episode features the multifaceted artist and visionaire Kyle Banks. What is interesting is that Kyle was scheduled to be featured on Episode 3 a year ago when Robert was visiting his sister (who Kyle worked with), however something shifted on the day. All in perfect timing, life offered another blessed moment in time. Here they are in San Francisco, city of diverse free thinking and forward values.

“Even if something negative is happening to me, just trying to understand why it is happening, what is happening and how I can grow from it is a positive take on a negative situation. It makes life easier to deal with.” -KB

Kyle is deep. No really. Besides his introspective conscious reflections on the human psyche and how we interact with one another, he is vocally a ‘Bass’. At the time of the recording he was in The Lion King US Touring Cast. A show he was able to be part of in Las Vegas and Broadway. An actor, singer and dancer (at heart), Kyle is a multifaceted person with many skills and passions. He testified to be blessed to be doing exactly what he wants. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana; he carries that southern slower chill charm. Robert was enwrapped in Kyle’s chill vibe and resonated on similar values and opinions, especially the need for greater awareness and open dialogue on our mental health. He also had a nice clear reflection on how ‘hard work’ is healthy when it’s inspired by ones passion.

“I used to try to block out these huge segments of time where I would meditate for 10 mins and try to keep my mind from drifting off to anywhere but it is really not what it is all about. It is about just finding that inner peace even if it is for 10 seconds, just that awareness.” -KB

Kyle used his hands a few times throughout the episode to offer himself subtle ‘golf clap’ applauses. He can he silly but more so beholds the traits of courage, sensitivity, freedom of expression and compassionate love. His family and friends are important to him, along with his openess to meet new people. He is a very patient person and is learning to demonstrate that more with himself these days.

“When I think about the wealth of friendship I think about friends that accept me for who I am without judgement. They allow me to be who I am and I feel it does not come with any expectations. I can always tell when it is authentic.” -KB

The beautiful thorn in his side is due to his work founding, creating and sustaining a new platform called, ‘The Tenth Magazine’ along with co-founders Andre Jones and Khary Septh. A project of collaboration facilitated by many it is an art and culture publication that documents the history, ideas and aesthetics of the Black LGBTQ community. Finally an exciting outlet in having a space to come together as artists, intellects and thinkers contributing back to our own community. Even more profound to take back control of the images that are being portrayed in media and other publications usually by white men. To take back the power and tell honest stories. It is the most fulling work of Kyle’s life to date. He is building it to be a successfuland sustainable project as he departs The Lion King Production. In 2017 their vision is to expand with more digital content, film and partnerships with Slay Television.  Robert has put it out there to collaborate one day, especially with Robert’s passion of Vogue and how it influenced the name of the Tenth Magazine. You can find ‘The Tenth Magazine’ in bookstores and newsstands throughout the USA and soon the world. For more information on this exciting venture check out:





“When you can stand where you are and find joy, that is the ultimate success.” -KB

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is ROMANCE. There is no better why than to start welcoming love into your life than by starting with yourself. Date yourself. Love yourself. Explore yourself. Often Romance is starting right into our face but we cannot recognize it. When you are more in tune with who you are you will be more aware of similar energies around you.

*Music featured throughout this QuestHands podcast is by Dj Shivawww.iamdjshiva.com