“I think that success comes when you really know who you are. If you don’t know how to control your mind or know how to control your mind, your thoughts, or what this body means, this spirit means; then you are not successful.” -RK  

This episode is only the 2nd one to be recorded in Canada. It occurred in a very unique creative building, The Dovercourt House. A symbolic place for host Robert having obtained his Kundalini Yoga Certification and rehearsals with the Canadian renown Kajea d’Dance Company. Rakesh Sukesh is featured in this episode. He was born in Kerala, a tropical lush southern part of India and is currently based in Switzerland. 

“I don’t like cities. I am more a nature guy. I like both water and mountains. Where there is nature, where there is lush, there is life, where there is growth. Where I can feel the energy of the core of this planet. Not a concrete surface.” -RS

He started out predominately as a Bollywood dancer in entertainment and media then later trained in Bangalore with more contemporary styles, yoga and martial arts. It was here that he was introduced to Kalaripayattu, an ancient traditional martial art form that rigorously trains the body and mind. Rakesh later started to travel to Europe as a performer but had passport challenges being hired. 

“Kalari means ‘space’ and Payatt means ‘activity’, so it is the activity that happens in s space. I call the technique Payatt Intransit, ‘the activity in transit, always going somewhere.” -RS

Rakesh predominately teaches now across the world a fusion genre which he calls Payatt Intransit; a contemporary movement method using Kalaripayattu—a martial art from South India—combining contemporary movement techniques, yoga and energy works. His teaching emphasizes the intricacy of movement to get to the core of the mind/body connection, and enable a more fluid expression. A school in Montreal brought him to Canada and this is how he had the opportunity to come to Toronto.

“i always say in my class for example, I cannot know myself without seeing another person. Imagine if you are in a room that is completely empty and you grew up there your whole life. You would not even know you are a human being until you see another human being. So I think all the things we see around is a point of reference for us to know what I am. That I why I say that every one brings a mirror for you.” -RS

Rakesh comes from a family where they follow ancient spiritual knowledge. He feels he carries this rich depth in his DNA as well as inserts it into his creative work. Rakesh is a wise man with a youthful playful charm. He feels truly alive when he is teaching, like a vessel transmitting what he perceives from life to others. 

“I am talking about more the root of yoga, trying to find the union with things inside and around you. Or try to recognize the union that is actually happening from things inside and around you. I am very much interested in this and I come from a family where we discuss this. This would be our coffee conversation where we discuss this. We don’t consider these things ‘deep’, we should be thinking about these things everyday. You’re breathing, you’re alive and if you are not thinking about that what else would you think about is my question.” -RS

Rakesh is one of those humble beings that you feel comfortable being around within a few minutes. There is a compassionate, non-judgemental energy he carries. It is truly timeless. He states that his strength is in his desire to know more, not for selfish knowledgable accumulations but in regards to whatever will help him dive deeper and know this life more. He shared so many great reminders with us from letting go and the continual journey towards happiness.

“Somehow I don't associate myself with the space around me, because I move every second or third week to a new space. So I guess I enjoy my company, and me, myself in my body, and so it’s great everywhere.” -RS

“i think we can re-alter our entire being with our imagination, but it probably doesn't happen over night or even in 10 years. Maybe over many civilizations it can transform.” -RS

“When I say ‘teachers’ I don’t mean just the people that taught me in a classroom. I find a conversation can be a teacher, an object could be a teacher, a colour could be a teacher, anything could be a teacher.” -RS

“My work has nothing to do with implying my way of thinking. My work is asking them to look at themselves” -RS

Rakesh shared with us one of his spiritual teachers who provides tools we can all apply to our lives. Sadhguru is a well articulated person from india who is not vague or superficial. He is quite clear and constructive offering confirmations in the choices we make in life as well as good reminders.


Rakesh also encouraged us at minimum to sit quietly for 15 mins a day and to drink water out of a copper glass.

You can check out Rakesh’s Payatt INtransit as well as see where he is teaching next here: 



The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is FAMILY. To spend a week with a grandparent or elder and listen to their life experience. They carry wisdom of a whole life they lived. You don’t need to believe in what they say, just listen to it.

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