“I think that we have the opportunity to move forward and choose people to be in your life who can be your family. Who have the same values that you do. Who also help you create a sense of awareness that kind of constantly allows you to lift up and not feel pessimistic about yourself and about the state of the world. I think that it is very important to almost choose your family and define what you want it to be, so that you can move forward in life. Rather than letting yourself be stuck in relationships with people who do not allow you to move forward.” -MGW

This episode is the first one recorded back on land, as Robert’s time in Asia on the Quantum of the Seas has reached it’s completion. The irony for this Canadian host is that once again this episode (and it’s guest) are from the United States of America. Besides this episode being special as the first one back on land, it is special for the reason that Robert had the chance to reunite and interview a dear friend who is like a sister to him. Marimba Gold-Watts was born and raised in San Francisco, California but has been based in NYC for over 15 years now. Robert and Marimba met many moons ago at the legendary Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. They travelled, taught and performed all around America in the second company, ‘Ailey 2’. 

“Even though we were making such minimal amounts of money, it was amazing to bring art and culture to all these people who really have never had this exposure. So there was no wealth and yet there was a tremendous amount of wealth culturally in what we were doing and we were experiencing as artists.” -MGW

It was quite lethargic being back in NYC and reminiscing with her about these experiences when hope and dreams were fuel to an energetic pace of living. Marimba’s spin on the QuestWheel landed on ‘Wealth’. She shared how during our company days we were making only $230 a week before tax deductions and had to pay for rent and food from that. We were living off beans and rice, cooking in hotel rooms off a hot pot almost burning the place down with smoke alarms going off. We also slept 3 to a room to save money here and there. Yet with all these challenges, the wealth of purpose through art and cultural shared in the various marginalized communities we visited, satisfied the blood, sweat and tears.

“I am someone who wants other people to succeed.”                   -MGW

The day of this recording it was a sensitive strange day post the US elections. An exhausted grey energy and overcast consumed the city. I’ve never seen NYC this way. We met and recorded this episode in midtown manhattan at Marimba’s bodywork studio which she shares with her husband and his martial arts acupuncture practice. Marimba is a Pilates Teacher, Dance Teacher and Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacrum Therapist. Her company is called ‘Articulating Body’. For being in Manhattan, this studio was charged with a harmonious energy and calm. What was really exciting is that one of the most popular podcasts in the world is recorded in this exact same building just 3 more floors up, ‘This American Life’; who's episodes are downloaded by over 2 million listeners at a time. Hopefully their success will rub off on QuestHands.

“I felt a sensation like warm caramel sliding down the back of my spine as I lay down on the floor.” -MGW

Marimba is an optimistic person who does not get bogged down in drama. She has overcome many things including not being able to walk properly for years due to an injury. A healthy life, family and friends are important to her. She is a unique blend of being forever young, yet a wise old grandma. An infectious laugh with dialogue that is spoken with a mindfulness of conscious selected thoughts. Marimba is extremely persistent and a creative artist from dance to healing to cooking. She definitely wins the ‘QuestHands ‘Gold Star’ award (if it existed) for saying the word ‘quest’ the most out of any guest that has ever been on the show. 

“We need to be a lotmore mindful about how we use this earth.” -MGW

“If you don’t have a strong sense of self in relationships, then you can’t be a support for someone else. You also can’t lean on someone else if you don’ know yourself.”                -MGW

To read more about Marimba and to visit and book a session with her in New York City, visit: http://www.articulatingbody.com

On the FaceBook page Marimba shares articles and photographs about health : https://www.facebook.com/ArticulatingBody/


The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is FAMILY. To remember that as adults we have the ability tochoose the people to be in our life as family. Those who have the same values that you do who also help you create a sense of awareness that allows you to lift up. Remember this and not victimize yourself to be stuck in relationships with people who do not allow you to move forward.

*Music featured throughout this QuestHands podcast is by Dj Shiva  www.iamdjshiva.com