“God loves you for who you are no matter what. So you don’t have to go through no body, a building, a temple to solidify or seek validation that your love for God is real. I’m a gay man and a christian, you can be both.” -CO

This episode features Corey Odems. He is also from Nashville, Tennessee just like Kuba from last weeks episode. This weeks show is unique in the sense that it is the first time having a co-host. Structure is wonderful but so are surprises and flux in our lives. One of Robert’s favorite podcasts and biggest inspirations in general is Ru Paul, as is for Corey. Ru Paul’s show is co-hosted with his best friend Michelle Visage called ‘What’s The Tee’. Robert’s co-host this week is Sydney Miller from Wilmington, North Carolina. Sydney is a fellow dancer with Robert in his shows and has been a great support to Robert with crazy ship life and an avid QuestHands listener. Corey gets to hang out with all the DreamWorks characters and share them with the passengers. His favorite is Gloria from Madagascar who’s sassy character reminds him of himself. He is also an actor, singer and dancer who also has a university and Masters degrees.

“I think it’s important for us to observe the person, see where that person comes from, cause you can know right away if that person is good for you or not. I believe our spirit will tell you right away before you say a word.” -CO

One of the first things that thrilled Robert upon meeting Corey is that he knows how to Vogue. Voguing is a part of some people’s nature with how they carry themselves and dance. Corey has it going on, there were a few crew parties where he was on fire on the dance floor. One of Robert’s passions is Voguing, so there was a nature magnetism in meeting each other. On the other side of the spectrum is Corey’s Spirituality as a Christian. He speaks about knowing who God was since he was 4 years old. He claims to have always felt His presence.  

“My relationship with God has nothing to do with the Church.” -CO

Both Corey and Sydney brainstormed and offered two simple practical tasks to aid in uplifting ones self esteem. Corey mentioned having a large jar set somewhere accessible in your room or home. Whenever something awesome happens that you achieved, experienced or were complimented on, write it on a small piece of paper. Whenever you are having a low moment, simply reach in and select a random paper to read, remember and refresh your perspective regarding yourself and your potential. Sydney offered the simple yet empowering task of talking aloud to yourself when you shower. A powerful time to let go and rebuild to a new state of being.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, having that time where you can have 'me time', to sit & think about where you are going is so healthy for a person.” -CO

Corey also spoke so eloquently about how freedom is linked to his idea of success. He is a very sweet, funny, optimistic, positive guy with a wonderful imagination. There is no doubt the future holds great things for him which is evident with his drive and colourful personality. 

“My imagination is really what gets me by everyday, it’s so powerful, it makes be me feel like I can do anything. So many people have told me, you are not good enough to do this, you are not smart enough to do that. But I always relied on my imagination. My imagination is what got me here.” -CO

“My imagination takes me to different places, like this is how it could happen or if you do get it, you can see yourself on a big stage. So it pushes me, it pushes me to get better than what I am.” -CO

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snap chat: musictalent27 

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is FRIENDS. To be more open to accept others that are not like you. To embrace people who you think are weird or from another background. You never know how they may change ur life for the better. Start with a friendly hello.