“My limitation is me and that’s the hardest thing to recognize. But if you don’t push through the tension you never grow. Which means you stopped yourself and that’s not an option.” -JJG

This episode features a multi instrumentalist performer, Jonathan J Golko from Chicago Illinois. He has had the amazing opportunity to travel to all 7 continents over the past 5 years working as a musician. He currently performs in The Royal Theatre on the Quantum of The Seas in a production called, “Sonic Odyssey” as the ‘Earth Harpist’ aka the Maestro. Originally created by William Close, Jonathan was hired to learn and perform a few unique instruments in this original production. New territory where no one has trekked before. Incredible to think how he is the only one out of 7.2 Billion people to have this job. Robert had the honour of returning to this ship with a few familiarities, one being that Jonathan was still involved in the show.

“I’m a big advocate of frequency and ironically that has become my job. I’ve been thinking this before it even became my job.” –JJG

It was a nice surprise to record in Jonathan’s room as it resembled the home of Robert’s paternal Grandfather. There were posters with empowering, reflective quotes and brainstorming lists all on the walls. Creative conscious brainstorming reminders to rise up to one’s potential. Jonathan is very focused individual. He is very thorough in all aspects of his life. He described his greatest strength as ‘strategic analysis’. The ability to see the details and dive deeper.

“I wake up in the morning because, well I don’t know what the purpose to human life is, if there even is one, but I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be spent unconscious.” –JJG

Jonathan takes the crown from Episode 19 Denald Gjergo for the longest QuestHands episode. It was a concern of Robert how long it would be as he knew how rich and reflective Jonathan’s mind is. There are two stand out ideas that were presented in this episode. The first regarding the concept of ‘space’. To respect space and allow space. To utilize both sides of space. The second being more controversal yet liberating. The idea that “No Lives Matter”. An expanded, Zen, earthly, universal, expanded thought beyond the details of race, social economic status, and so forth. The idea that if humanity truly wants equality and peace, you have to let everything go.

“It’s kinda like using silence in music, you can have this giant build up but if you just give a couple bars of silence before moving, there is something harmonious about the silence, and I think that is very well parallel to social interactions.” –JJG

Jonathan is in a place of transition and will be returning to America. What’s next? No one knows, but with such a creative, talented, ambitiously driven man, greatness awaits. He is currently in the works of releasing a 10 to 11 track album that features unique Earth Harp arrangements. 

To contact and learn more of Jonathan’s happenings, visit:


Near the end of the 2016 year he will be back on Facebook. 

Search for : ‘Jgolko’ and ‘Infinity Reset’. 

Some more Jonathan Quotes:

“I like Superheroes, the hope they give us and the challenges they provide as morality tests .” -JJG 

“I have something to do every single day. Sometimes it’s 4 hours, sometimes it’s 9. Yesterday was somewhere around 12 or 14. It’s what keeps me from not dwelling and is my ‘rising up’ against. . .” -JJG

ON SUCCESS: “It has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s totally unrelatable to anyone else. It’s just saying you’re gonna do something and do it. If you do it, you’ve achieved success!” -JJG

“Sometimes the best thing you can have is a piece of paper and a pencil.” –JJG

“Vibration is a thing. The pieces of the puzzle can fall into place if your vibration is strong enough.” -JJG

The theme of this ‘WeeklyQuest’ is FRIENDS. To have them. Solitude is as needful to the imagination, as society is wholesome to your character. Establish which aspects of your friendships benefit or do not benefit. Reflect if they are beneficial to you or if it is better to be by yourself. Which friends grow your character ?  For those that do not help you simple replace with solitude and grow internally.