“No one has as much trust and dependency in things, than I have trust and dependency in. I’m not saying that anyone else isn’t trust worthy, but I just feel like, no one can be as efficient as me, especially when it comes to me.” -JME

This episode features Jessica Monea Evans, 1 of 3 black woman out of approximately 1300 crew members on the Quantum of the Seas ship. She was born in North Carolina but is based in Los Angeles, California. Visiting China was on her bucket list so it is pretty cool she made it over to the ‘Far East’. Jessica works as a Technical Stage Staff doing a variety of theatre production tasks including ‘rigging’ which involves suspension of a flying performer. Robert first learnt of met Jessica through a poster advertising Afro Funk Fitness Classes for the crew. Initially it seemed like an illusional mirage on a cruise ship in Asia, however it was true, and both Afro Funk and Jessica are fabulous.

“When people ask where I am from, thinking I am from another country, I say I am from Venus; because I refuse to be associated with a place (now I don’t like generalizations) but I definitely don’t like a place that has been demolishing and mucking up my people for so long.” -JME

Robert was pleased to learn that Jessica is also interested in Numerology and is kind of lazy and busy to fully understand the depths of it. She did know that 23 is 2 + 3 = 5 which is her Life Number, so pretty cool she is being featured on episode 23. Jessica shared that the zodiac signs between Robert and herself (Capricorn & Taurus) are quite compatible which made a lot of sense with how easy the interview flowed. It does of course help that they are both into arts and wellness. Jessica always wanted to be in the arts even with big obstacles along the way. Her inner drive, focus and determination speaks to the character she is today.

“SELF is the basis of life, so if you have a basic idea of what that is in general, I feel like a lot of things will unfold for your future.” –JME

Jessica acknowledges that her greatest strength is in management. In executing details, communication and making things happen. She is a peacemaker who believes in making the time to see eye to eye, hear each other out and use our strengths to work together in harmony. Jessica doesn’t take life too serious and allows laughter to be part of her day. She also enjoys making up her own words just for the fun of it.

“I consider myself to be a very unique situation.” –JME

“It’s ok to get along. It’s ok to have a conversation and discuss hardships instead of beating people’s asses.” –JME

Check out the website for Afro Funk Dance Fitness which Jessica is proud to be apart of. Learn about this unique cardio workout that incorporates world music for All Ages and All Levels. Stay posted for upcoming teacher certifications, similar to Zumba.

www.movedancelive.com on Facebook search: ‘Afro Funk’ and ‘Move Dance Live’

You can also reach Jessica for any inquires and for her up coming Nubian Management Consulting Business; offering assistance for ‘start up’ artists and companies in solidifying their brand at: jessicamoneaevans@gmail.com 

The theme of this ‘WeeklyQuest’ is HEALTH. To take some time daily and hydrate your body with clean water. Remember you can always boil the water to eliminate extra particles that need not be there. Also to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet to replenish and feed you body the extra vitamins and minerals you may be lacking to be healthy.