“In this world what are we fighting for? We are fighting for freedom and love, they are so together like an ‘infinity sign’. You cannot love if you are not free” -DG

This episode features Denald Gjergo the third costumer who works to make the performers look and feel fantastic. This episode also sets a few QuestHands records for the longest episode and for the guest not having a ‘Personal Motto’ they live by. However as you will experience, Denald is quite the passionate character. He has a really cool and unique accent which is the product of knowing 5 languages. Albanian, Italian, German, Spanish and English. He was born in Albania and has a home in Milan, Italy. However celebrates his freedom and love of life by working on different cruise ships literally around the world.

“There has to be a passion for the job you are doing, but at the same time I see it as a toy to play with. Because when you play, you learn.” -DG

Denald began as a dance artist and since then continues a curious cycle of creative metamorphosis. Truly a ‘Renaissance Man’ learning on the go in the moment that curiosity or skill is required. Curiosity is his strength, along with his sense of play; to grow and express his love of life. He sees the world with creative possibility. 

“To be curious has all the emotions that give you energy. Curiosity is being scared. Curiosity is being excited. Curiosity is surprise. Curiosity is sad. Curiosity is the key, the main part.” -DG

Denald’s zodiac sign is a Scorpio. A water sign, which is interesting seeing he works constantly surrounded by water. Just like water with is fuel for all of human life, Denald uses his emotions as fuel to be the exquisite creator and artist he is.  

“I believe that the discipline of the artists are more strict and more important than the discipline of the military because the military don’t have to think, they have to do. The artists take orders and they have to elaborate those orders.” -DG

Robert kinda met his match interviewing Denald. As he is a very thoughtful, detailed oriented individual that takes his time to ponder and creatively describe something. He twisted and challenged a few of Robert’s questions and choices of wording. He speaks like one of “The Great Artists that have ever been, like Picasso.” And why not, we are all unique master Co-Creators in this existence separate yet together.

“I love silence, but we can never be in silence, because even in the silence is the presence of myself.” -DG

“I choose to always use that energy to create. Like anger, I use it to create. I love to create, it doesn’t matter what, because I think sometimes things create themselves. It is not that I create it.” -DG

“Of course to me, I believe you are born an artist, you don’t become one.” -DG

The theme of this ‘WeeklyQuest’ is ROMANCE. To try for a week to not think of the way you ‘met’ or ‘fell in love’ with the other person. Focus on yourself. To individually love themselves and question the reason you love being present in the relationship at this time. Be selfishly focused for when you love yourself, you are free. Be honest with what you love in the current expression of the relationship. More and act from there not the past.