Is host, Robert Halley, back in Canada yet? Nope. This week's episode once again comes to you from New York City. It is a unique episode in a few ways, but mainly for where the episode was recorded. In the busy transient beautiful Grand Central Station. Robert really wanted to feature Mitzi Adams on QuestHands. She is a wonderful dancer, teacher, choreographer, and holistic bodywork therapist (Jin Shin Jyutsu). With Robert’s short visit to the city and Mitzi living in Connecticut, they only had a small window of time and decided to seize the moment; even if it was in a busy train station.

With QuestHands being about ‘Life’ and ‘The Art of Living’, there really is no one way to live. There is ‘the ideal’ and the ‘what is’, both valid expressions that make up our lives. Robert surrendered to what a ‘perfect’ podcast should be or sound like and focused on honouring the richness of Mitzi’s refections as well as the texture of people living their lives passing us by.

It was quite perfect actually, to record this episode in Grand Central Station because it has been a ritualistic meeting spot for Robert and Mitzi for years. A fun trip down memory lane for these two colleagues and friends. It is remarkable when you act on the impulses, emotion and guidance of Spirit. Mitzi came back stage to meet Robert after he performed in Ailey II way back in 2002. That rendezvous was the start of many artistic and holistic experiences.

Some people say everything happens in 3’s, however the cycle of 4 is complete and powerful in its balanced expression. Growth is inevitable especially with such a new show and venture for Robert. This fourth episode is a powerful one. Perhaps it was the dynamics between Mitzi and Robert, or just the show taking on it’s own magic. There was a presence that visited us during the interview. Ancestors? Teachers? Angels? It was interesting as it happened just as Mitzi acknowledged her interest in seeking a Teacher.  Mitzi’s Rampage of Appreciation was also captivating in how she broke through the structure of just using ‘I Like’ for 1 minute. This was insightful to allow the guest to choose their own word pattern and length of time.

Post show Mitzi and Robert felt completely different in an exceptional way. A way that some counselling and massage sessions don’t even get to. This wasn't the first time post-interviewing that this feeling has risen. Presence is a powerful thing, along with authentically being seen and heard. Robert looks forward to developing QuestHands in various structures for therapeutic and community building ventures.

Mitzi has a dance film project coming up and will be offering some Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help courses over the next few months. Find out about those and more about her:

Robert MENTIONS the book, ‘The Five Love Languages’ which speaks on the ways HUMANS give and receive love for being understanding and HARMONIOUS in all relationships.

The theme of this 'WeeklyQuest' was CAREER.  Make a commitment to meet with someone even for just 30 mins at lunch, before or after work. Are you getting what you desire? Is the energy you put in equal to what you are getting out? IS your career in tune with your values and intentions with the way you are living?