This week’s episode once again comes to you from a different location. Canadian host, Robert HALLEY, has been travelling to escape the winter and launch this podcast, but has yet to interview his first Torontonian guest.  Robert embodies and lives a ‘Universal Oneness’ philosophy of life, and so where his feet and Spirit align is the perfect place to call home.  It has been exciting to feature interesting guests that Robert has history with to start this exciting series. This week is no different featuring the sensible yet fun Al Turner.

Robert has lived in NYC for 4 years and has met a plethora of different people. When he decided to visit this time the thought of who to interview out of all his contacts was a tough choice. The decision was made clear when his Thai Massage teacher invited him to be his assistant for a workshop class. It couldn't get better than that, reunite with Al and be around his knowledge and skills of Thai Massage.  Robert doesn’t always see Al on every visit to NYC so it was a wonderful day of quality connection with the class and podcast recording.

Retrospectively, IT is quite a cool reflection on how Gina Allchin was the first QuestHands guest and how Robert would not have met Gina if it wasn’t for Al. So to feature them so closely in this series is so great to honour our mutual connections.  Al was so content with Robert’s presence to return and give back to what was given to him with his teachings of Thai Massage.

It is amazing the many sparks of ideas just living day to day offers through our interactions with people, places and things. An amazing idea that came to Robert was to eventually have QuestHands workshops where various classes will be offered relating the QuestHands content. The possibilities are endless, and it will be wonderful to have Al’s wisdom and skill as part of an event one day.

Al’s interview is a fun one with his clear actor radio voice personality. He truly offers a humanistic, compassionate and practical reflection. It was amazing and insightful to hear his various thoughts around being a holistic therapist based in such a busy city. From all his travels and with his wife being from Sweden, Al mentions some poignant reflections on society as a whole in NYC and America in general; some thoughts, like how 90% of Australians have passports and how only 10% of Americans do; and the importance to live and get out of America to experience life and form your own opinions. 

If you live or are visiting New York City and would like to receive a Thai Massage Session from an experienced professional therapist, look no further than Al Turner. Depending on the time of the year you may be able to attend one of his classes too. You can reach him at (212) 501-3833 and or ONLINE at:

The theme of this WeeklyQuest was HOBBIES. To take a moment and write down 3 different activities that make you happy and that you have not done in awhile. A week, a month, years? Pick 1 and make the decision to schedule it. Pick the day and put an alarm in your calendar and/or phone. Call a friend to hold you to it and check in with you on the day before and day of. Sometimes we have to schedule the fun of our lives as there will always be more and more work to do.  Remember the purpose of life is Joy! Live it, Create it, Be it!