The Quest begins. The premiere episode of this new weekly interview podcast series on 'The Art of Living'. QuestHands is about you and me, discussing the similarities and reflecting on our differences for inspiration, motivation and fun. We start off this exciting yet chill series with Gina Allchin, friend and 'spirit sister' of host Robert Halley from over a decade when they both lived in NYC. Gina's playful personality and sensual, practical methodology of living beams through this dialogue; a great starting episode to this new series. 

She mentions and recommends the book, "SPIRIT, Mind & Body, A New Conversation About Service and Success for the Holistic Business Owner" by Dawn DelVecchio. This book thematically blends her current focus of passions and career.

A great take away she offers is that when someone asks you, "What do you do?". Instead of defaulting to your career or methods of employment, respond with, "For fun or for work?" That usually catches the person by surprise to awaken to more joy and less robotic living. Try it next time!

Gina will be presenting a talk on April 27th for 'Wow Wednesdays' with the Woman's Prosperity Network entitled, 'Financial Self Defense for Woman: 6 ways to go from vulnerable to unbreakable, with your money to your family legacy'.  Find out more at these links

Gina will also be running in the New York City Marathon in November 2016, raising money for The Challenged Athletes Foundation. If you would like to support her in this rewarding fundraising event follow us on social media for when she is accepting pledges. You can read more about the organizations here,

The theme of this 'WeeklyQuest' was Career: To take the time before and after work to be mindful and stop the hustle and bustle to breath and be still. No excuse for not having time, even 1 minute but ideally 10mins. There is magic in stillness with what can surface.

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Thanks for Listening!   Enjoy the Quest!