“Give me the permission from The Universe, that it won’t be offended by me if I don’ have the time to do what I have to do during my lifetime, before I die.” -KS

This episode features Kira Shulaeva from St. Petersburg, Russia. The first QuestHands guest from Russia. She is a professional multi-instrumentalist playing the violin, piano and voice. Kira also composes music and loves to dance. Although she passed 3 different entry exams for post secondary special music schools, she was proud to study and receive her university degree in her home city.

“I am a musician and an artist, well maybe firstly an artist and then musician”. -KS

Robert enjoyed revisiting his few brief memories of visiting St. Petersburg many moons ago and getting insights from Kira in a few things. He learned that the subways system needs to be low because there are underground water channels. For this reason St. Petersburg is known as the ‘Venice of the North’.

“I have to find what I have to find, and it’s even better not to know about this. Just follow the right way step by step. We can see the next step only after we took the previous step. You can’t see 100 steps forward.” -KS

Kira embodies and exudes what Robert wishes for all artists, which is to ‘not give a shit!’ and be herself. She is eclectic and kinda in her own world. As a child she shared the memory of looking out her window to other houses windows, and seeing the variations of what lay in those spaces. This evolved her love of shapes and the quirky word ‘Tubes’. She also mentioned an odd statement about how all her memories are memories of memories. 

“When I smoke, I like to see how it goes from my mouth, the shape, it’s like my spirit spreading around people.” -KS

She loves to laugh and to connect in good conversation with others. Kira laughed a lot during this show. Especially in contract to my ‘clean’ lifestyle as she spoke about her joy of smoking, drinking and not sleeping a lot. It was fun for her to make fun of me and to see the joy in our differences.

“I have to find what I have to find, and it’s even better not to know about this. Just follow the right way step by step. We can see the next step only after we took the previous step. You can’t see 100 steps forward.”-KS

She claimed to be self conscious with her English language and simple answers. However words put together are poetry in motion with expressive statements to the listener. How wondrous to support a musician with such an array of open ideas and talents.

“Yeah, I just try to look at myself from the side. I don’t know how to explain it. I just try to leave all feelings in myself, not to get rid of them. Just watching this from the side. Like when we are watching a movie. We can believe we are in this movie or we can just watch the movie without analyzing why the director used these costumes? Why he put this hero in this place? Why he ran in this creek?” -KS

“I think people shouldn’t be scared of nothing, especially in relationships. The biggest problem in relationships is when people start to be scared of their freedom. That’s not right.” -KS

“Don’t be scared to watch at bad things. For example if someone is trying to cross the road and a car just kills him, don’t be scared to look at this person. Even if it is a really bad body, really tortured; because it happened on your way. If you travelled through this place you shouldn’t turn your head to another side because it happened in your life.” -KS

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The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is CAREER. Just do what you like to do. You have to love what you do. Try to work really hard and value your time. Even on a lunch break, see and guide what your brain is thinking. Remember people too, don’t step on them to get ahead. Don’t feel you are alone and have to fight.

*Music featured throughout this QuestHands podcast is by Dj Shivawww.iamdjshiva.com