“Through the theory of ‘incarnation’ my soul already knows all this is gonna happen, and so I gotta ride along with it. The ‘Soul’ is ‘God-like’, ‘Spark of God’. It does not feel anything, it can digest everything, it’s just experience. But my physical body as a person, Oh My God, it’s a nightmare, it’s been crazy. I’ve had a lot of dark years. Why? Because that’s the experience.” -夏竹

This episode features 夏竹 (Tommy). A wonderful young man with a vitality and wit like no other. He offered us the analogy of how the country of China is shaped like a rooster and so he is from the ‘stomach’. South of the Yangtze River, Huangshi, Hubei. Like most of my Chinese guests, their names have interesting meanings and stories. ‘Tommy’ was a self chosen name inspired by an Italian taxi driver character in a Mafia style game he enjoyed called ‘The City of Lost Heaven’, which he played from 14 yrs old. Tommy’s original name (夏克天)made him sick and turned heads when he introduced himself. Why? Because it meant ‘To go against the Heavens’. Where his mom is from has an abundance of bamboo and he loves bamboo; so he chose a new name ‘Zhu’ meaning bamboo at 6 yrs old. With the family name ‘Xia’ meaning ‘summer’, he is 夏竹 ‘The Bamboo in the Summer’.

“Just let me die peacefully. I want to go to sleep and die without any senses, and transcend myself into the sky. Wow, and touch the stars”. -夏竹

Tommy works as Youth Staff for ages 3-17 on the cruise ship which he describes as someone that guarantees their safety and ensures they are having fun. He used to be a teacher and so is good with kids, however does not subscribe to a mainstream traditional value system. What is common is to strictly ‘listen and follow your elders’. Tommy tells the youth:

“You need to do this because you want to do it, because it makes you happy. Not because you mom and dad say so.”-夏竹

You will notice right away how Tommy has the ‘gift of the gab’ but not in an empty chatter kind of way. It is actually the opposite. He is a thoughtful, philosophical, blunt, clear, and descriptive speaker. He has studied english for 15 years along with the help of movies and video games. Tommy’s Dad give him a serious blunt wake up call before an important University entry-level examination. Although this moment broke his heart, it inspired a resilience and ability to focus into his excellence during 4 years of college. It was there he learned major foundations of English, Physics and experienced an array of odd part time jobs in society. 

“Since our dimension and frequency is so different, you still exist, you live in the Universe I will never know about, you will expand my consciousness. I won't call you lower or higher, you are open to all possibilities just like different aspects and perspectives of a crystal.” -夏竹    (On talking to people you hate)

Tommy was not afraid to talk about shameful historic and current truths about China. He experienced lower standard medical practices when he was just a kid which caused stunted development of his muscles and bones, leading to two required surgeries. This also happened to millions of kids between 1970 & 1990. He mentioned how the ‘red cash envelopes’ which are a common gift at Chinese New Year, are used to have doctors and surgeons provide better care and surgery to the patient. This can sadly lead to bankruptcy and being shunned by some families. Another dark side is how most people are focused on the economy and making money as opposed to celebrating the rich cultural Spiritual heritage on Confucianism and Taoism. As insightful and revealing as Tommy’s disclosures were, Robert made Tommy state two positive things about China. This first being represented by the exquisite Lotus Plant. The roots being ‘Confucianism’, the stem being ‘Philosophy’ and the flower being ‘Buddhism’. This is the foundation and timeless rich philosophical knowledge that is respected and studied around the world. The second aspect Tommy spoke on was the vast diversity that China beholds. Four different races in the North, East, South and West along with their own cuisines, landscapes and agricultural offerings. He looks forward to a day where China can rise into celebrating their diverse abundance in a vital way attracting travellers naturally.

“I will always love you but maybe I don’t like you that much anymore. Because you can’t call it home if even with breathing it gives you disease”. -夏竹 (On his Love of China)

Tommy is full of life force energy. He is fast twitched, playful, and celebrates a diverse array of passions in nature, sports, consciousness and art. He is a natural born artist who feels a bit sad to have not pursued it professionally but believes there is still hope. He started painting since he was 2yrs old. At 4 or 5yrs old he remembered not having (or even knowing about) an eraser so he put sticky rice on the paper to cover his design and when it dried started again. In regards to dance he clearly remembers watching a street dance movie when young. He was so inspired that he started dancing along side with them, but when his grandmother saw him, she insisted he stop. In Chinese culture it is shameful to overact and show yourself out. One needs to be a good student. It is shameful to be lower than other students. Tommy has a strong body, mind and spiritual nature. It is enhanced with his open mind in gathering awareness through each experience and knowledge from other sources, especially Bashar (A highly respected controversial Conscious Being from another realm). Tommy is currently focused onbeing fluent in Japanese and practicing Vegetarianism. He has dreamed of travelling and made it happened. Robert has no doubts where his dreams can and will lead him next.

“You have to stand your ground, if you are not who you are, what makes you special? What else would make you able to say before you go to the other side, ‘I was here.’ -夏竹

“As long as you feel it will work for you, it will work for you.”      -夏竹

“I am very honoured and happy to say I did it my way, not their way” -夏竹

“When I workout it’s not just simple physical suffering. The thing is, the Spirit has to be there; and for the Spirit to be there, the Heart has to be there.” -夏竹

“I like demons, demons are cool, why not? They used to be Angels, don’t judge them”. -夏竹

With Google and YouTube being blocked in China, Tommy shared a great website for Mandarin speakers to understand. It summarizes all information together from Religions, Documentaries, Conspiracies, Extra-Terrestrial knowledge and more: www.awaker.cn

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is SELF DEVELOPMENT.  Try to talk to someone that you really dislike, hate or those who you don't completely agree with.Try to listen to them for a week and talk less if a good conversation cannot happen. Listen and try to make them be patient with you.  Be very rational about the whole process, record it mentally and see what you can find out and learn from that very person.

*Music featured throughout this QuestHands podcast is by Dj Shivawww.iamdjshiva.com