“Remember that we are all stardust, and a star died so you can live and a star is a celestial being so that means something, its powerful, its a sacrifice from The Universe that is much bigger than you.” -VM

Episode 33 is a special one. It being themed as the ‘Jesus Episode’ due to the number 33 being a divine mirror power number, as well as the apostle Jesus Christ transcending at 33 years of age. It features Vid Marjanovic from Belgrade, Serbia who is a Sound Technician, Music Producer and DJ. Vid is the perfect guest for this episode as he is the most similar mentally and spiritually to host Robert’s consciousness and life values.

“Those every one of our experiences The Universe knows itself better, so it’s not like ‘my experience’ and ‘your experience’. It’s just the universe experiencing itself through our experiences.” -VM

Vid describes himself as just a regular humble guy that makes art. He creatively goes by the name ‘Estray’ offering multicultural sounds, world music, chill out spheres, downtempo designed for yoga/meditation; but can move your body as well. He has travelled Europe as DJ for various events and has the goal to move south of the Equator to Peru where the Sun, warmth and more feminism creative energy thrives.

“So there is no bad or good experiences, it’s just experiences. Because the universe doesn’t have that false moral thinking of judgemental, just infinite possibilities.”  -VM

Vid has a strong relationship with the Sun, he says it is the most important thing to him and humanity. 90% of the music and musicians he resonates with comes from people and cultures living near the equator.

“When I lost the fear of dying, when I accepted that it’s something part of me, which actually now I feel is something beautiful because you are coming back to the light, you are coming back to the stars. In that way when I accepted that, it opened so many doors. Suddenly I started to feel so brave in many different aspects of my life and I was more confident in myself as well. I was following my intuition and heart more and more. thinking less and less with my brain. Because brain is illusion, brain is ego. It is a tool for ego. So basically we have 2 brains and scientists confirmed that by finding neuro cells in the heart.” -VM

Vid spoke freely about Dimethyltryptamine, Ayahuasca, DMT and other natural sacred psychedelic compounds one can take which open portals of the humans perception of matter and anti-matter, reality, eternity, past, present and future. A fascinating conversation exploring various likeminded topics and learning new things along the way. Both Robert and Vid hope to collaborate one day on some video projects and wellness retreats. Perhaps in Peru where Vid is off to create his second album in a better environment suited for the specific essence he desired to be cultivated.

“Whenever I feel that my heart is beating in some direction during some sort of experience I have not had in my past lives, I just go there. Whatever I feel is new for me, my soul, which is refreshing me, I’m just going there without any fear or guilt. And that’s beautiful.” -VM

It was so sweet yet powerful that the statement ‘To Be Happy’ came up twice in this interview. For what he dreamt of being when he grew up and for what his grandest wish would be. This was quite the statement reflecting on how humans feel we need this or that or he or she to be happy. When happiness is all that truly matters.

To follow Vid and get updates: https://www.facebook.com/estrayofficial

To listen to his music: https://soundcloud.com/estray-1

To Contact Vid or to Book him write to: estrayinfo@gmail.com

*Music featured throughout this QuestHands podcast is by Dj Shiva  www.iamdjshiva.com

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is HOBBIES. Specifically to the passion of Travel. Go somewhere that your past life was or your future life will be. Travel as you wish. It could be physical or mental. allow the leisure of travel to be playful and in the flow your life.