“I am grateful for what I have. What I have and what I have been given the chance to have. As I have said before thoughts become our reality, so I am grateful for the chance to have all those thoughts. Which pretty much says I am grateful for everything that is here.” -BJ

This episode features Blair Johnston who is an Australian from Melbourne, however is a resident of Japan having lived in Osaka for 14 years. This episode is unique for two reasons. Firstly that it was recorded on land in a cute cafe in Osaka while Robert was at port. Secondly the fact that Robert got to reunite with his old friend Blair. They met in 2009 when Robert lived and worked at Universal Studios Japan performing in the musical ‘Wicked’.  After the two met for an amazing vegetarian buffet lunch, Robert couldn't resist having Blair on QuestHands as he is such a positive, conscious man. Robert and Blair reconnected on many topics that they used to talk about years back.

On Death: “It is the grand mystery, but there is also something fun about it. It’s like a new adventure. So given that I love adventure, the fear is a lot less. There is always fear with new adventure, thats half the fun of it. It’s gotta be scary, it’s like a big ride.” -BJ

At the start of the episode Blair shared a childhood story of being stranded on a tree for 15 minutes, hanging there like a monkey. A cool foreshadow because since 2004 he has been co-running PowerArts International with his amazing partner. A world class gymnastics school offering various movement and specialty classes to all ages. The gym keeps expanding and Robert was truly excited to see the growth, hoping on his next visit he can teach there. 

“Any small bit or energy, but it together and you get big energy. And you can do many things with big energy”. -BJ

Blair is to Robert one of those friends where the conversation just picks up where it left off, no matter how many years have past. He is a spiritual, conscious living, vegetarian brother. Full of joy, positivity, and love. He lives with 2 birds, 2 dogs and even with a busy full-time teaching schedule has time for his epic hobby of War Hammer. A geeky yet zen hobby of building, painting and playing with these characters. Robert had a blast sipping coffee and teasing Blair how much of a monkey he is, while Blair was sweet to state how almost every question was a ‘great’ question. Truly a child at heart, he students always tell him he is like a 4yr old child. It is so important to have balance, and Blair does as an intelligent wise man, who’s focus is to encourage and remind people the importance of having fun.

“What I teach is a sport, but I don’t like to teach it as a sport. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about doing it and enjoying what you are doing. And being an acrobat, you know being able to do things like spin in the air, flip in the air, it’s fun. It should be enjoyable. I always want my students to know that, always have fun with that, and then take that fun out of the gym and always be fun.” -BJ

To learn more about Blair’s awesome gym and school offerings check them out at:



The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is WEALTH. When you say you don't have money, you don’t have money. Even if you do have money. So for this week, get rid of the phrase, ‘I don’t have money’. You will notice you will always have money in your wallet. It will just come. If you feel you want to say or think something, perhaps say ‘I’d rather spend money on. . .’