“As long as you stand behind the choices you make, it’s awesome. Once you cannot stand to look yourself in the mirror then you need to stop and start changing your life.” -DM

This episode features the energetic Davor Markuš from Croatia. A country with 7 National Parks and an incredible coastline. He works as Sports Staff on the ship with a speciality position as an iFly Instructor. iFly is a simulated skydiving experience in a wind tunnel. He knew right away that he would resonate with it and so did the training. Devour aka as Markus, has worked on cruise ships for 3 years and 6 years on land in various entertainment positions. He loves working and interacting creatively with people. Robert did not know if he could handle all of Davor’s energy so he welcomed back on the show to be a co-host a previous guest from episode 23, Ms Jessica Monea Evans.

“I do have bad days, but they last about 6 hours and then I’m back to the track when I see people, especially when I am working with people. When I am there I can take their energy and give them my energy.”-DM

With Robert being an avid people watcher it was inevitable that Davor would catch his eye. Not only is he super positive, outgoing, fun and energetic, but he wears from time to time colourful harm pants that catch the eye. Robert’s eye anyhow. From the first hello, Robert knew he had to be on QuestHands. Devour had a rough childhood being labeled with ADHD getting grounded and scolded often. However it was with his parents firm hand with tough love that has made him who he is today. A man with incredible ambition for living his life to the fullest. 

“I’ll accept you even if you stab me 20 times in the back, I’ll still give you the 21st chance. It’s Universe Karma, Energy, God, whatever you wanna call it. Soul?” -DM

Davor wouldn’t mind being SuperMan. Someone who wants to be able to do everything and anything. A true lover of all of life. His professional goal is to become a Cruise Director for ships which Robert feels would be a beyond suitable fit with his personality and ability to make people smile, and remember that life is supposed to be fun! 

“If you don’t like your job change it. You can always find something if you are willing to work. You will learn something in between until you find something you love. Just wake up in the morning, it’s a new day for something new. Even if it’s the same job, still you can learn something new in different conversations.” -DM

Davor has an infectious laugh that cultivates joy. The section of Word Association during this show somehow turned into a vocal variation between the three probably do to Davor being a bit of a Nutcase. He is an amazing blend of intellect and imagination. A man that has been watching Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Pokemon Anime series for 18 years now, and has learned the German language from watching tv. He loves TV and Films and can see himself acting in the future too. He doesn’t deny his love of females which comes across various times during the show. Stay tuned for a future invention of a double decker sofa couch and a reunion of his Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band. Anything is possible with a man who believes that everything is Awesome.

“As I said, just waking up in the morning it’s an awesome day. Whatever happens during the day, it’s life. It’s in the past, I cannot change it, just accept it, learn from it.” -DM

“I always say, I’ve already made it, I just need to go there.” -DM

“Every day is an awesome day.” -DM

The theme of this ‘Weekly Quest’ is ROMANCE. For committed couples, try something new. Whether in or outside of the relationship. For single people, just go for it. If you like someone you already have the ‘no’ answer, so the positive answer of ‘yes’ is the only risk worth taking. Don't let the fear stop you.