About Essential Oils


Essential oils are a wonderful natural solution to many of today’s health challenges. In fact, more people enjoy the benefits of ‘nature’s medicine’.....now than at any point of the earths history. 

So what exactly are they?

Essential Oils are simply concentrated liquids, distilled from flowers, shrubs, roots, trees or cold pressed from the rinds of fruit. Complex chemical compounds that contain the essence of the plant for....immense....healing....properties.

They are the life blood of the plant that direct nutrients directly to the cells. This means they have the ability to seal cuts, protect wounds, provide nutrients & oxygen for cell regeneration & guard against harmful microorganisms. 

Pretty amazing eh? Besides topical application on the soles of feet, wrists, behind ears, temples, spine and neck. The most common way to experience essential oils is through inhalation with a diffuser....this has the ability to  break down the oil into micro particles with water...,and to distribute them into the air. Transforming a complete space, state of mind to relax or energize and ability to set a mood.  You can even inhale directly from the bottle. Our sense of smell is so powerful as it connects to our lympic system in our brain....which is related to our emotions and memories. 

Unfortunately though, not all essential oils are alike. Did you know that only 5% of pure oil is required in a bottle for the Company to state they are 100% therapeutic. Even with the majority substance being synthetics, chemical fillers, or natural carrier oils to stretch it out. So with a non regulated product field, it is CRUCIAL to choose a company that is transparent, you can trust.  In a world with already so many chemical exposures, Your health is worth it. 

That is why I choose Young Living, the World’s leader in Essential Oils, founded since 1994. They are proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of oils through a Seed to Seal process which is beyond organic.

It starts by owning their own farms (which are even open to visiting in person) ....the use essential oils as the only herbicide and weed picking from hand. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, the most rigerous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils unadulterated, exactly the way nature intended. No additives, synthetics or chemicals. Steam distilled with the French model and the only company with custom designed dome distillers by founder Gary Young  that allow the highest optimal therapeutic compounds to remain intact. You can read more about this and watch a short video by CLICKING HERE 

Young Living is also the ONLY Essential Oil Company to have lifted the standard on ethical partnerships with the US Government creating a division monitoring 'essential oil' plants and wood sourcing worldwide....can read more about this by CLICKING HERE  

Young Living works with SCS Global  (a neutral 3rd party contractor) who are leaders in the environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development. they work with  Young Living Essential Oils to develop this unmatched sourcing standard. You can read and learn more about SCS Global by CLICKING HERE

Like DO-IT-YOURSELF Projects?!?!? Me too! There is an array of remarkable DIY creams, toners, deodorants, teas, medicines, meals, cleaning supplies, spritzers, mouth washes and more. 

The best place to start with Young Living Essential Oils is with the premium starter kit where you get a diffuser, 10 of the most common everyday essential oils....like lemon, lavender, copiaba, peppermint & frankincense , a rollerball cap, thieves waterless hand purifier, 2 sachets of ningxia red, the wolf berry antioxidant drink and more. The best part is that this kit is 50% off the retail price of buying the items individually. Wow. 

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